Southern California Mini Australian Shepherd Breeder

Looking for a certified southern California Mini Australian Shepherd Breeder? Just a short 3-4 hour drive north to Creston, CA and you’ll find Rocky Top Kennels! We’re a certified breeders for Toy & Mini Aussie shepherd puppies.

About Mini & Toy Aussies

Southern California Mini Australian Shepherd Breeder

Because the Aussie was developed both to herd and guard the flock, the mini Aussies are entirely devoted to their family and make excellent watch dogs and companions. As with all breeds, early socialization is of the utmost importance. The Miniature Australian Shepherd’s eager attitude means that working with the mini Aussie is a joy, but their intelligence means that obedience training is highly recommended. The ownership of any dog, especially one of an intelligent breed, should not be taken lightly.

The Miniature Aussie’s temperament is that of the larger Aussie-sensitive, easily trained, excellent natural guardians of the home and possessing strong herding instincts. They are calm and confident, but suspicious of strangers. They are entirely devoted to their master and will go to great lengths to please. Their unique size makes for great traveling companions. A Miniature Australian Shepherd has all the attributes of the larger Aussie but the advantages of a smaller dog, weighing between 15 to 35 pounds at maturity. They come in coat colors of blue merle, red merle, black or red tri or bi. All come with or without copper/tan and white trim. Their eyes maybe blue, brown, hazel (amber) or one blue, one brown, and freckled or marbled. Their tails are sometimes naturally bobbed and longer ones are docked.

Although located in Central California, we conduct most our business as a bay area and southern California mini Australian Shepherd Breeder. Call or email me to schedule an appointment if you see a puppy for sale that catches your eye

Call or email me for more information about our Mini Australian Shepherd puppies! (805) 674-5579

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